About eMentor and RMA

eMentor Subscribers Speak

Lou Kissling
Senior Vice President
Frost Bank

Every time we talk to a customer or prospect we want to leave them with a nugget of useful information. We want them to be able to say, "That visit wasn’t a waste of time" or, better yet, "That’s who I want to do business with." eMentor helps us do that.

Terry Lehmann

We already were using Annual Statement Studies analysis information. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we could provide everyone with easy access to this information by converting it to the Internet.

Susan Diehl-McCarthy
Vice President and Commercial Loan Officer
Humboldt Bank

Eureka, where Humboldt Bank is based, is quite rural. It’s easy to feel cut off from the mainstream, and given our atypical economic base, it’s not so easy to know whether we’re using the best lending practices in structuring covenants and monitoring certain industries. eMentor provides us with a foundation of information that we can use to benchmark our specific businesses.

Glenn Wilson
Executive Vice President
Citizens National Bank
(an affiliate of Mercantile Bankshares Corp.)
eMentor is structured in such a way that the entire enterprise can easily use it, including branch managers. It also enhances our sales efforts because our relationship managers can easily access industry information, making them better prepared for sales calls. Before eMentor, they had to request information from the credit department or go fishing around the Internet. eMentor is a far more direct route to information. I’m convinced of the value in eMentor. And because it is an evolving product, I’m expecting it to be even more useful in the future.